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Brave - the Red Deer Boudoir Photographer who Thought Outside the Box...

I posted this image on Social Media a few weeks back and the word that kept coming up over and over again was the word #brave. Brave is a word I use for jobs that require a lot of courage - like running into fire like members of the Red Deer Fire Department, being shot at like members of the RCMP, or any number of high risk jobs people choose to do for a living.

Like most things though, the bravery comments were all told to me by #women. I show this image to 2 men and their reply was "that is amazing". There was no "wow - you are brave" that came from them at all. They just saw me - and despite the fact that a few trolls will likely tell me that I look like a whale or I am "as ugly as sin" (that was a gooder hey?) not one person who follows me will look at it and think poorly about it. As women we look at it and crucify it - but what does that tell us about a women's mixed up way we look at our ourselves? Especially the bodies that we use everyday, keep us working, create and grow life in many circumstances and at the end of the day show the scars of a life that has been lived.

Be kind to you. Be kind to your body. It deserves your love and patience - and most importantly, care.

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