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8 Things That Make Woman Sexy

1) She is completely self reliant.

2) She is ambitious

3) She knows what she wants

4) She is Loyal

5) She is not afraid to speak her mind

6) She is intelligent

7) She is confident

8) She genuinely cares about other people

Would you agree with this list?

When I created #GorgeousChaosBoudoir it was to reflect back to society and to women (and men) what and who they are as people. Our lives are made of pure chaos in 2019 and we live in a world that goes really fast and demands satisfaction all the time. I see women constantly trying to be #perfect - but never understanding that perfection doesn't come from being flawless - rather it is your flaws that create your own #perfection. NO ONE ON EARTH is perfect and rather than focusing on the physical attributes, it is important not to forget the internal ones as well that make up your personality, character and your strength.

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