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Boudoir Photography, to me, is about so much more than just taking a photo of a woman or a man. We all have this assumption that because we are doing pictures, usually in the nude or near nude and that quite often, glam is part of the process, that everyone needs to fit into a cookie cutter ideal before they are worthy of having photos done. I can't tell you HOW MANY TIMES I hear women tell me that they want Boudoir photos done, but they are not ready - because usually, they want to lose weight.

Ok. I get it. I went on a weight loss journey - starting in February 2017 after having my oldest and triplets. I worked HARD for nine months to lose around 80lbs, and while I am not at where I want to end my weight loss journey - this is who I am RIGHT NOW. We seem obsessed with fitting into that "perfect" ideal of what boudoir is - when the entire process should be to capture who you are NOW. To put it another way, think of this old saying:

"When is a good time to have a baby?"

That answer is always never. Few people have everything they need to in life - by society's standards - to adequately have a child. Is the house big enough? Is the car big enough? What about child care? What about work? What about all the other things that go into having a newborn? Are you even ready?

Despite all of those questions, our world is now up to about 7.7 Billion people. Most of those people live in countries where the standards of our society have no bearing. It kind of puts things into perspective when we consider all of the hangups we have when our hearts want something so badly, but we feel that we are not worthy of it because of expectations.

Whose expectations are those by the way? I can assure that every single woman I talk to has the right body, face, smile, arms, tummy, tushy and legs for Boudoir photography and it is only you holding yourself back from something that can be done as many times as you want in your life. All women are beautiful regardless of how they feel about themselves, and I can tell you as a photographer - and my 'own' model the majority of the time - I have TONS of hangups about myself. The difference is that I have been photographing people for over 13 years now and know how to ask you what you want, what your favourite parts of your body are and the ones that you could cheerfully live without. Personally - my legs are like Tree Trunks - you will RARELY see a photo of me personally with them in their entirety. I most always tuck them in a smidge and usually - unless they are like my pinup photos from Christmas, they are what they are. I also have other features I don't care for about myself, but I love my hair, my eyes, lips, smile, and my decolletage. I always focus on my 'assets' because they are the things that make me the most confident when I take my 'own' boudoir photos.

Erin was a fantastic customer. She had the time of her life and enjoyed the Champagne and Chocolate that was part of her Edmonton Boudoir Photography package. You can tell from her photos that she was a fantastic subject to photograph - but would you have thought she had nerves, took a little while to book her session and messaged me terrified that she would blow it before her boudoir photography session? Probably not - but I speak no word of a lie. The girl was nervous - and that is normal. The first time I hired a fellow photographer to do my Boudoir photos in Calgary, I was terrified. The trick is finding the right photographer that will make your session smooth, exciting, fun and ultimately exactly what reflects your goals for the boudoir photography session. You don't have to be glammed up - one of my most popular photos of myself is one stripped down with no makeup and just a tank top on. People love it and its different - but perfect for so many.

Your session always comes with consultation time, a questionnaire and the opportunity to make sure your Boudoir Photography session reflects you perfectly and will make sure your images are as close to perfect for you as possible.



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