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Ms. Blue Devil | Edmonton Boudoir Photography by GorgeousChaos Boudoir & Beauty

How Scary is a Edmonton Boudoir Photography Shoot?

People talk to me ALL THE TIME about having #Boudoir images created for them - but often that is where it stops. Women (and Men) love the idea of having images taken of them in the state they feel the most secure in for themselves, but ultimately the mere notion of the 'risk' of putting themselves 'out there' is almost too much for many.

Boudoir shoot of blue haired women lying on her stomach with her feet crossed in the air
#edmontonboudoirphotography by #gorgeouschaosboudoir

#edmontonboudoirphotography isn't simply about the skin. It is about defining and accepting yourself, pushing your boundaries and having a LOT of fun in the process. Nerves are definitely part of most photography sessions with GorgeousChaos - and why wouldn't they be? The thoughts of insecurity can be very uncomfortable for some people - but how can they be conquered? How can so many people - big or little, short or tall, imperfect or really imperfect all find a way to get past their fears so that they have an amazing shoot?

Woman lying on bed with heels on crossed in the air
#edmontonboudoirphotography by #gorgeouschaosboudoir

What is Edmonton Boudoir Photography Really About?

The #bluedevil is a good friend of mine. Our relationship was born out of the stars as we met at a birthday party a couple of months ago and in that time, this amazing #women has stood beside me through thick and thin in the last month - never asking for anything and always giving 100% of her presence for myself and anyone else whom she considers a friend. It's amazing how you can connect to someone so fast and simply know they will be part of your life forever. After her shoot, this was her feedback that she made public on her own Social Media pages:

"As for how it was working with GorgeousChaosBoudoir... fantastic! Granted I’ve known her for a while and we are good friends...when I walked in there I was still nervous. I don’t like photos, for the most part. She made it extremely easy and comfortable though. At the beginning I refused to do nudes at all. By the end I was just walking around pretty much naked and even met her next client in just my underwear (so not something I’d have considered prior to the shoot).

What did I learn from this? That there is nothing to be ashamed of. I’ve struggled the last year with some health concerns and my body does not have the muscle and tone it did a year ago. I was very self conscious about this. Suzie made me feel like it did not matter. She worked within my comfort zone and followed my lead. The whole experience has been extremely empowering and I am so very glad I did it. 💕 if you ever wanted to do this... and have hesitated... definitely go through with it. It will allow you to see yourself through the eyes of others. 💕💕💕"

Blue haired women laying on a bed looking at the camera with her hand in her hair
#edmontonboudoirphotography by #gorgeouschaosboudoir

Wow hey? Unsolicited compliments have always been my favourite...especially from customers who love their #pictures.

Edmonton Boudoir Model looks back while laying on her stomach on a bed during her boudoir shoot.
#edmontonboudoir captured by #gorgeouschaosboudoir

Women standing at the window wearing lace panties and leather corset
#edmontonboudoirphotography by #gorgeouschaosboudoir

What about that powerful word "retouching" with Edmonton Boudoir Photographer?

Any session with #Gorgeouschaosboudoir is one you are going to have so much fun participating in. I have been asked in the past "are your photos retouched?" and the answer is "yes they are - depending on your desires". What does that mean exactly? My retouching preserves your natural beauty and spirit while emphasizing the aspects of yourself you love the most. ALL MEN & WOMEN have lists of things they don't love about themselves, but no matter how small, each one of us has 'something' we don't dislike. We may not love what it is, but it doesn't fall on the 'dislike' list either. These are the areas I find out about prior to your session in your Presession Consult and also what your vision for your photos are. The #bluedevil wanted to pair her love of boxing with weight loss (ummm...amazing) and needed to see herself as beautiful, sensual and back to the Woman she was before the challenges in her life took over a little bit (what she refers to above).

Blue haired women looking into the camera wearing white boxing gloves
#edmontonboudoirphotography by #gorgeouschaosboudoir

We are all still exactly who we are no matter what is happening in our life and sometimes we need an outside perspective before we can remember that what others see when we cannot.

Retouching is used to bring out your best, and leave what is you. We talk about things like acne, stretchmarks, your body list of things you love and are working on to love and how you want to be represented in YOUR photos. Boudoir and Beauty photography should be booked and taken for YOU and shared with those whom you love and wish to see. I personally like to leave in the defining characteristics of you - things that are permanent - moles, and stretch marks - however the choice is always yours. After having triplets, my poor tummy isn't tight anymore and the sagging skin is always there. Do I remove it in my images? Nope - but I do soften it or crop it out depending on the actual photograph. It is part of me and I am not ashamed of it - I just make it so it is acceptable to me.

Blue haired women wrapped in a white sheet kneeling on a bed
#edmontonboudoirphotography by #gorgeouschaosboudoir

If you love this session, let me know and leave a comment. If you are interested in a session, please don't hesitate to email me at My goal is to create as many amazing images as I can this year and sessions start at $100 for sitting and $199 for packages depending on what your desires are. Investing in yourself and your own self esteem is priceless and so important. We forget as women (and some men) how much we need to love ourselves sometimes. Today is the day you start thinking about remembering it. Warmly, Suzie Please join me on Social Media at: Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn

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