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How Important are Lashes for Boudoir Photography?

I have posted about eyes before and how important they are for a photography session - both #Boudoir photography and other styles. They convey so much feeling, depth, love, spirit...they say the "eyes are the windows to the soul," and that isn't a lie. You can tell a lot about someone by looking into their eyes, and whether you feel they are your best feature or not - they are going to be the focal point of any session with #GorgeousChaosBoudoir.

Not long ago, I was introduced into the world of lash extensions. I am of Ukranian and English heritage, and my lashes are abhorrent. Seriously. They drive me nuts. Blond, don't take tinting well, disappointing. Add onto that a makeup allergy I got when I failed to remove my makeup before bed...oh for about 15 years...and yes, I know.

A few months ago, one of my friends, based out of #edmonton, started talking to me about the lash extensions she does out of her home. It took me a while to decide if I wanted to take this journey because I had my concerns. Worried that they wouldn't stay on, wouldn't last, look "too much" all of the time. Shawna walked me through my options, and while I have upgraded over time...we started off basic, and now I am in more of a full volume set - because I like them like that. Lashes are a must for many #edmontonboudoir sessions because they draw people to your eyes. Years ago when I first started in #boudoir, I even then recommended getting false eyelashes done because it gives an edge and a touch of glamour to your pictures. If you are not comfortable with lashes - no one will ever demand you wear them, but if you are investing in yourself for a Boudoir session - it is a little touch that will often change the dynamics of the images tenfold. Beyond that - you now have the option of false lashes or lash extensions which is what I wear and photograph with. They make me feel amazing and I never have regretted having them since I first took the plunge. While my puny eyelashes never bothered me, they have always been a source of annoyance because with that darn make-up allergy - trying to find a mascara that would make my lashes stand out was nearly impossible. I must have spent over the years a few thousand dollars on mascara, and while I finally found one I liked - it is $60 a tube and would last about 1.5 months before it started to dry out and needed to be replaced. Added up - that is a lot of money every year.

I have been promising Shawna for about a month I was going to make a post about my lash experience and the full-service #lash job she does, and today was the day. She runs Touch of Class Beauty Services out of her home studio and seriously - does a fantastic job. The results speak for themselves...

edmonton boudoir session women looking down showing her lashes

gorgeouschaos boudoir session with women looking at camera with green eyes

women laying on back looking on camera with lash extensions

womens lips in focus with nose ring and closed eyes with lash extensions

Now - as a reward for reading this far into my #edmontonboudoir blog post, Shawna has generously offered 10% off for anyone wanting to try lashes with mention of this post. She is a single mom who works her butt off to make sure her kids are happy and healthy - so if you are in the market - hit up her page (linked above) and book a session. She is extremely affordable and is a hell of a Woman as well.


#GorgeousChaosBoudoir is always looking to give a shoutout to any business that works with mine - directly or indirectly to make sessions special. If you have a product, service or anything related to the #edmontonboudoirphotography or #reddeerboudoirphotography industry - send me a note at - let's chat! #yegboudoir #yycboudoir #lacombeboudoirphotography #reddeerboudoirphotography #albertaboudoir #empowerment #reddeerbeauty #yycbeauty #yegbeauty #lashes #lashextensions #touchofclassbeautyservices GorgeousChaos Boudoir

Proudly Serving the #Edmonton #Reddeer and #Calgary areas! 403-550-9965

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