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"You are going to be photographed in that? - Lingerie and Wardrobe Thoughts...

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

Edmonton Boudoir photography customer wearing heels and leather lingerie

Boudoir photography rests on the shoulders of "wardrobe" - don't you think? It is one of the first things I am asked when a customer books a session with #GorgeousChaosBoudoir. Just about every woman I know has a drawer stuffed full of bras and underwear. Shockingly though, most don't fit well and if you are like me - you order one size down because "I am going to lose weight."

Edmonton boudoir customer wearing ripped white tank top and jeans

The reality is, however, unless you are a hoarder of #lingerie like I am, I always suggest getting something newer that makes you feel like how you want your images to look. I always ask #boudoirphotography customers how they want the viewer to feel when looking at the pictures. That viewer could the customer (yourself), a lover, someone special in your life, friends, or even online for promotion purposes. Do you want the picture to reflect beauty and glamour? Do you want them to show off a side of you that is more sexy and naughty? Do you want it to take a more fantasy style and really come out of your comfort zone? This is all really important in the first step of selecting the wardrobe for your session.

boudoir model ivy desire laying on bed in bodysuit

Size of Lingerie

As I mentioned above, sizing has a lot to do with what you look good in. You know when you have enjoyed the holidays too much and you get that delightful muffin top around the top of your jeans? That is what we are looking to avoid. Lingerie - be it any style - bra & underwear, bodysuits, bodystockings, teddy's, babydolls, an old tank top - all have to fit right in order for you to feel good in them. I ordered some lingerie off a website not too long ago and while the bra was a really decent size and *adequate* fit, the underwear came in fitting WAAAAAY too small, which was extremely disappointing. Lesson learned.

edmonton boudoir model wearing bodysuit in front of a full window

Style of Lingerie

Style, as mentioned above is really important to decide on as well. Do you want more classic pictures taken in bra and panties? Do you want to wear a corset? Do you want to go darker and go leather? Do you want to be more glamorous? Do you want to even wear lingerie - a white sheet and bare skin is a really powerful way to photograph the body as well.

Some ideas you may want to think about for your session would include these different styles which photograph AMAZINGLY!

- Bodysuits

- Corsets

- Matching Bra & Underwear Sets

- Body Stockings

- Leather/Pleather/PVC (shiny material like on a rainjacket)

- Sheer housecoats/kimonos

- Men's dress shirt

- White tank top or crop top

- Anything that makes you feel confident and powerful!

YEG boudoir session with tattooed woman laying down with blue eyes

Accessories for your Boudoir Shoot

So once you get an idea of your wardrobe for your session, it is smart to also think about accessories. My style of boudoir is fairly simplistic...I don't like a lot of distractions because the focus should be on YOU. However, if you are going for something a little more artistic, please also consider fishnets and heels. Heels are a huge part of the session because they make your legs look longer and cover the bottoms of the feet - so unless you want to go barefoot (which makes a lot of sense in different themes), make sure to pick up something fun for your tootsies and legs.

boudoir customer wearing corset during photography session

Any questions? You can always email me at

Hugs! Suzie GorgeousChaos Boudoir PO Box 21 Bentley, AB

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