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Red Deer Boudoir - Who is GorgeousChaos anyway?

What a great question to ask hey? Who is this lady who just showed up a couple of months ago in the Central Alberta photography world selling Boudoir Services to the beautiful men and women of Red Deer, Calgary and Edmonton?

Well, as an introduction, my name is Suzie and I have been a professional photographer for almost 13 years now. Boudoir has always been part of my services I offer, however for a long time I found women stopped spending money on themselves and rather spent it on their children which pushed me into amazing photographic and art creation over he last several years in the Red Deer and Calgary area.

What changed for me as of late though was a drive to do something more based around women. Women have an endearing need to be loved, noticed and appreciated (like all humans do) and I finally felt confident enough in my abilities to begin offering Red Deer Boudoir Photography services - as well as Calgary and Edmonton. The female body is a wonderland of photographic opportunity - however it is hard to separate for some women the difference between beauty and the bedroom because as time marches on, our bodies change and we end up what seems tonsome of us as a shell of our former selves. I can agree that after triplets, my body is a mess - but I am always thankful for my health and have worked on embracing my ‘flaws’ as much as I can over the years to finally enter Womenhood as a whole.

Red Deer Boudoir is one of the most fun and kindest things you can do for yourself as a women. The whole experience is fun, exciting and empowering Because you know deep down, Red Deer Boudoir is exactly what you are looking for - and packages start at 299...treat yourself tonwhat you know you need.



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