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The Eyes... | Edmonton Boudoir Photographer

edmonton boudoir photography women laying down looking at the camera with her eyes

Personalized Boudoir Photography Sessions in Edmonton and Red Deer

As one of Red Deer and Edmonton's best boudoir photographers, it is common that people get very shy and self-conscious when they consider booking a session. The idea of getting in front of the camera can be very intimidating for some people, let alone the concept of being scantily clad in front of one. I get it. I had my own personal boudoir sessions photographed long before I decided to venture into this style of photography as the photographer. What I do remember from my individual boudoir photography sessions was that the photographer always made me feel safe and beautiful. I always felt comfortable, and the photographer didn't push me to do anything I didn't want to do.

It's also why I put myself forward in most of my images. If you cannot lead by example - how would anyone else think they could...right? Middle-aged women, 4 kids, a little overweight, always tired and just like YOU... :).

black and white nude image of women laying on back looking at camera

Let's narrow down your favorite asset for your Boudoir Photography Shoot.

What my boudoir photographer did talk about with me though were the good/bad/ugly body parts I thought I had. With GorgeousChaos Boudoir, I always speak to my customers well in advance of their session to identify what parts of their body they love and what parts they dislike. I wanted to do a little series about each major body part I focus on during a session depending on your own personal directions. It is totally normal to have favourite parts of your body and other areas you dislike - it's why you rarely see my tummy or legs in many of my images. They turn up occasionally, but I have other features I prefer to be focused on for boudoir photography.

women with eyes closed and head down holding flowers edmonton boudoir photography session

I want to start with the Eyes.

I have never looked into someone's eyes - male or female and thought 'yuck.' Eyes are one of the most essential parts on the body as far as I am concerned and something that does not age or changes esthetically as time passes by. I remember being told back in my 20's that "if you want to fall in love with someone, fall in love with their eyes...they will never change." I took that to heart and have fallen in love with many eyes over the years...especially my children's. When I talk to a customer about their eyes, it is usually a safe area of their body that they do not worry about. Open or closed, eyes tell a story that is unmatched and can be the focus of any image I create. Your eyes speak volumes, and they can convey many different emotions based on just a slight change in your mood. The eyes can look happy, relaxed, sultry, flirty, fun, etc. with only a simple change of expression - and we definitely are going for all those descriptions during your photography session with GorgeousChaos Boudoir Photography.

Women laying on back with eyes closed edmonton boudoir photography session

Stay tuned for the next installment...Chest and Back...

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